Viracocha This Friday – Possible 2013 NY Tour – Our DVD, A Midnight Choir

Viracocha 2.15.13 – The inky shadows of Viracocha seem the perfect place for the dark harmonies of Conspiracy of Beards, and their interpretations of the poetic musical language of Leonard Cohen.  The Beards are excited to be complimented first by Wolf & Crow’s contemporary artifact of something haunting and timeless, followed by One Ton Sun’s six piece jazz stylings playing the music of Hans Jöbbe II, the reclusive Finnish composer active from 1957 until his violent death in Cleveland, OH during the summer of 1972.

Conspiracy of Beards w/One Ton Sun and Wolf & Crow @ Viracocha 2.15.13

Rumors of 2013 New York Tour are Flying – We don’t have all of the details yet, but it looks like we might be headed back to New York around the end of May!  The 2012 tour was a huge success with sold out shows at the Jack Hanley Gallery, Manhattan Inn, Glasslands, and The Highline Ballroom.  Check out this video of our adventures in New York: The Beards Take Manhattan 2012.  This video is part of our DVD video collection of the Conspiracy of Beards 2011-2012 season called A Midnight Choir.

Conspiracy of Beards 2013 New York Tour

2011-2012 Season DVD Available – Our friends at 12FPS, a San Francisco creative media agency, basically followed the Beards around for our entire 2011-2012 season documenting all of our shows, and creating dynamic, interesting, and beautiful video vignettes of all of our adventures, including our New York and Pacific Northwest tours.  We’ve compiled all of these videos, as well as interviews and some full performances into an entertaining and sometimes hilarious DVD, A Midnight Choir (available via Paypal here).  You’ll get the back story and history of the Conspiracy of Beards, as well as backstage shenanigans, and insights into the men who make the choir what it is.  You can watch a few of these video’s here: Conspiracy of Beards on Youtube.

COB DVD 2012

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