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The Vogue Theatre 11/29 – The Beards and a Movie

by on November 10, 2012

(((FolkYEAH!))) and CinemaSF present City Scenes VIII @ The Vogue Theatre Thursday, November 29th at 8pm with Conspiracy of Beards and a showing of the film McCabe & Mrs. Miller.

What a cool event series this is! Live music followed by a movie. We are excited to kick off the night with a set of  Leonard Cohen classics, and then we’ll sit back, sip on our flasks, and enjoy the movie. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the film, which features a few of Cohen’s songs…

During post-production on this film, ‘Robert Altman‘ was having a difficult time finding a proper musical score, until he attended a party where the album “Songs of Leonard Cohen” was playing and noticed that several songs from the album seemed to fit in with the overall mood and themes of the movie. Cohen, who had been a fan of Altman’s previous film, Brewster McCloud, allowed him to use three songs from the album – “The Stranger Song“, “Sisters of Mercy” and “Winter Lady” – although Altman was dismayed when Cohen later admitted that he didn’t like the movie. A year later, Altman received a phone call from Cohen, who told him that he changed his mind after re-watching the movie with an audience and now loved it.

Another fun fact is that the name of the band, Sisters of Mercy, was influenced by the Robert Altman‘s film McCabe & Mrs. Miller. (From Wikipedia)

You can watch the trailer for McCabe & Mrs. Miller here.

Conspiracy of Beards and McCabe and Mrs. Miller at The Vogue Theatre in SF - 11/29 - 8pm

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